Caribbean Spa Sanctuary

A sacred and nourishing space where truth, art, ritual and ancestral wisdom fully unravel and merge together to enhance human consciousness to new dimensions. A space to re-member all that is you, all that is divine. We are children of the Creator, on a life voyage back home to all that is love, freedom, beauty and presence. We strive to be a reflection, mirroring back to you all that is truth and in alignment with your highest and most rewarding timeline. a remembrance of rituals that elevate the soul and enrich the mind and embodiment of Grace.

Coming Soon

SEA ARA Spa Sanctuary will be offering holistic + soulful experiences at our primary location in Puerto Rico. Our offerings will include: intimate yoga sessions, therapeutic massages, womb steam experiences, botanical baths + foot soaks, relaxation rooms, 1:1 intuitive healing sessions, plant medicine ceremonies, monthly movement workshops + more.

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What’s The Tea?

SEA ARA is currently brewing up some magic that will unfold in coming months. Stay involved by following us on instagram, signing up for our newsletter and staying up-to-date with our latest articles. If you would like to donate to SEA ARA, you can do so via Venmo or Cashapp to @CiaraWonder. All donations aid in full expression and manifestation of the SEA ARA vision and healing space. To learn more about the path we are paving, please email

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