1:1 Offerings

for the mind, body, Womb & Spirit

Introduction to

womb Care & yoni steAMing

An intuitively guided pelvic care + steam session where we will discuss simple practices to nourish and heal your womb space. This dialogue will unpack various ways to begin nurturing your yoni using intuitive, holistic and sustainable methods. We will also go over the benefits of pelvic steaming, herbs to use, how to set up your steam station and more. This session will briefly dive into eating for your cycle in order to support your body throughout each phase of the month. This is also an opportunity to have all of your personal yoni questions and concerns answered.

This session is for anyone who has:
  • a history of cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, vaginal infections and PMS
  • stored trauma in the womb due to old lovers + unhealthy emotional bondages
  • experienced miscarriages, abortions and has a history of irregular cycles
  • wants to get pregnant and create a safe environment for baby in the womb
  • wants to dive into womb wellness + vaginal steaming, learn divine feminine practices and how to eat for your cycle

Sessions are 60 minutes and take place via zoom

Donation based starting at $55

Hatha \ vinyasa Yoga Flow 

An intentional and healing private session that includes a yoga sequence tailored to your specific needs and level of experience. During this session we will explore pranayama (controlled breathing techniques) and a sound medicine experience. This yoga flow is designed to expand your Qi and enhance mental clarity, allowing you to feel refreshed and nourished from the inside out.

Sessions are 60 minutes and can take place via zoom or in person

Donation based starting at $66


A safe + nourishing space where we can discuss any and all ways to support your ascension and transformation. An oracle card will be pulled in the beginning of the session to receive deeper insight from Spirit on which direction the dialogue should go. Topics we can explore include but are not limited to: spirituality, nutrition, holistic health, pregnancy, motherhood, relationships and practical steps to take daily to embody your most authentic self. This is also a healing space for anyone who needs genuine support and guidance.

Sessions range between 60-90 mins and take place via zoom

Donation based starting at $77

Bookings available for June 2022