Summer Romance In Mexico

In the midst of everything currently taking place in the world, I managed to escape New York for 3 weeks and end my Summer 2020 in Mexico. Sahle and I decided to take a romantic journey together 6 weeks after meeting. The intent was to deepen our connection and explore a new place in the world together. This trip was originally supposed to be a road trip through Arizona into California but for the sake of saving some coin, I decided leaving the country would be a more memorable and affordable experience.

I’ve traveled to many beautiful places over the last few years and never actually made the effort to make a list of my stays, favorite things to do + eat. Since Mexico has been such a hotspot for travelers lately, I thought I’d motivate myself to make some travel content for my online community who constantly ask me questions about my adventures.

Can I just begin by saying that I’d happily move to Mexico… (I say this about many places) But truthfully, being the Dominican gyal that I am, Mexico truly felt close to home. Palm trees, beaches, Spanish speaking natives and amazing food everywhere… There isn’t much to not love. The cherry on top for me is the diversity in people and the abundance of vegan/vegetarian options everywhere.

Our first night was spent in Cancun, mainly because we arrived later in the afternoon and I didn’t want to do much commuting. We stayed in this beachfront private room that was truly a dream. It was rather small and did not have a kitchen but it definitely got the job done and I mean, THE VIEW! Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of this place but the airbnb listing has everything you need to know here,

Truth be told, my favorite kind of travels are the non touristy ones, I love to get deep into culture and be surrounded by locals, For this reason, I spent my first week in Mexico away in a small town called Valladolid. The heart of the Yucatan Jungle. What I didn’t realize before going there is that this is also the heart of spiders! Yes spiders. The airbnb was divine in many ways but there were plenty of spiders, scorpions and lizards… If you are not comfortable around insects, this may not ever be the place for you. For the most part, I do well with bugs and even I was a bit shook, especially after seeing a spider crawl on my pillow one night as I was relaxing. Nonetheless, this was a lovely and private stay with a private pool… oh and let me not forget their outdoor shower… always a plus in my book. Check it out!

This stay is directly across the street from Cenote Sutyan. The day we visited this cenote we had it completely to ourselves, it couldn’t have been anymore perfect! It cost about 120 pesos to get in which is about $7 USD. If you get the opportunity to come here, you’ll be swimming amongst small friendly fish 🙂

Our jungle adventure came to an end and off to Tulum we went! Our first stay in Tulum we stayed at for a total of 8 nights, we spent about $33 a night (our most affordable stay) and what can I say, you get what you pay for. Definitely had my list of cons with this place but yes there were still some pros. Let me begin with, wifi sucks, don’t depend on it. Our shower got clogged repeatedly and it didn’t feel as clean as my virgo self would expect and appreciate an airbnb to be. I still do recommend this place if you are looking for an affordable and aesthetically pleasing place. The pool is truly beautiful and shared with others staying on the property but for the most part the pool was always empty. What makes this stay extra special is that Sahle asked me to be his girlfriend here and of course I said yes… Here’s to LOVE.

Click here to check out the AirBnB.

Casita Maya Loft – 9 / 1 / 2020

Moving on to my last and most favorite stay… Only about an 8 minute drive from Casita Maya so our move was a close one. This stay is one of a kind! Private pool, indoor/outdoor shower and a beautiful canopy that really set the mood. A perfect way to spend my birthday and end off our Mexico trip. We never wanted to leave this stay because everything about it was so enchanting. We decided to eat mushrooms one night here and it was such a wholesome, healing and nourishing experience. My one and only critique is that because this airbnb is newly built, there are little things I wish the room had, like forks, knifes and plates. If you want to cook on your vacation, this is not the place for you. No kitchen whatsoever but because everything else was so magical I was willing to overlook needing a plate for my mango. The host was very friendly and definitely went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed. Ok, I’ll let the listing speak for itself… Click here for a piece of paradise. Please note: there are multiple listings for this property. They have a different listing for each room, however all pictures are the same.

This wraps up my beautiful three week journey in Mexico. Overall, the trip was life-changing, as most of my travels are. I am constantly discovering new parts of myself in different parts of the world, and Mexico was filled with pleasant ideas and surprises. Sahle and I grew deeper in love and created memories that will live with us for a lifetime.

Yucatan, Mexico – 8/2020


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