Finding My Way: Acceptance

As I was merging through my spiritual awakening at the age of 19, one of my biggest challenges was accepting people and situations as they came. I often held a high expectation as to how things should and should not be. Assuming that my way was somehow more superior. At times this can still be a struggle that I work towards healing as a daily practice but I recognize that I have truly come a long way. Just a few years ago, I was considered “bossy” and unknowingly this created so much tension in my body, my relationships and overall life. I did not realize that I was slowly pushing parts of my community away because I needed imposed my opinion regularly. As a true Virgo sun, I somehow believed my way was always the right way and those that chose not to listen, simply frustrated me

Why was I in this constant state of fear and resistance? Why did I feel the need to defend my perspective? Why was I unable to allow my environment to just flow without the need to control the outcome? As I understand now, more than ever, everything is divinely orchestrated and there was medicine for me to discover in those moments of resistance.

Often times we feel the need to judge, correct or criticize. When we are a witness to things we dislike or things that make us uncomfortable, it can be a natural instinct to want to change and control the situation. However, this does not lead to happiness and it’s definitely not worth losing friends because of your inability to accept them as they come. Offering an intuitive opinion is usually okay, it’s our need to enforce the opinion that can cause damage. It requires true presence and a deep sense of acceptance to trust that your environment is perfect and unfolding as it should, that includes the community around you. As I shifted deeper into awareness, I realized that people just want to be heard and my opinion was not necessarily always the answer. I practiced listening, understanding and empathizing.


What are you unable to accept within yourself? In what ways are you constantly striving to be “perfect” or change something about yourself? What does needing to control your environment say about you on a deeper level? Perhaps a parent, an old lover or family member unconsciously taught you that it was okay to function in this way?

Learning to accept life exactly as it unfolds is my daily practice. It is truly rewarding to embrace life fully, remaining in love and in full surrender. Remaining calm even in the most uncomfortable situations can be life transforming. When you truly embody the wisdom that everything is flowing in Divine Harmony, you will lose the need to impose, control and criticize. This is also a call to return back home to a deep state of Trust within ourselves.

Accept all as-is, with grace.

Written in May of 2017

3 responses to “Finding My Way: Acceptance”

  1. Beautiful cc ♥️

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  2. Great post. It’s Virgo’s nature to seek perfection but when projecting that to others it often materializes in a manner that is overtly aggressive. I had the same issues as a young adult but with experience, found that every person has their truth and method and we all become stronger once we understand and accept each other’s strengths and limitations.


    1. Indeed! Everyone is on their own path and exactly where they need to be. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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