When I began my spiritual journey at the age of 19, one of my biggest challenges was accepting people and situations as they came. I often held a high expectation as to how things should / should not be. Assuming that my way was somehow more superior / correct. This is sometimes still a struggle that is a constant daily practice but I’ve truly come a long way. Just two years ago, I was considered “bossy” and unknowingly this created so much tension in my body and overall life. I pushed many friends away because I imposed my opinion regularly. Somehow I believed my way was always the right way and those that chose not to listen, simply frustrated me.

Often times we feel the need to judge, correct or criticize. When people do things that we dislike, wanting to alter them and their choices can seem like second nature. However, this does not lead to happiness and losing friends because of your intensity, is never worth it. As I shifted deeper into awareness, I realized that people just want to be heard and my opinion was not necessarily the answer. I practiced listening, understanding and empathizing.


Learning to accept all things exactly as they are, is my daily practice. Remaining calm even in the most uncomfortable situations can be life transforming. When you truly grasp the idea that everything is flowing in Divine Harmony, you will lose the need to impose and criticize.

Accept all as-is, with grace.


  1. JM

    Great post. It’s Virgo’s nature to seek perfection but when projecting that to others it often materializes in a manner that is overtly aggressive. I had the same issues as a young adult but with experience, found that every person has their truth and method and we all become stronger once we understand and accept each other’s strengths and limitations.


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