Mindful Eating

Becoming more health conscious this year has been beyond empowering. Even though I have such a long way to go, I’ve been feeling like the ultimate cleansed goddess underneath my skin… What we choose to consume makes such a difference in our quality of life. Food was once for fuel and now we have it for solely pleasure. It’s no surprise that so many people have a ton of health issues. Instead of eating foods that heal their body, they are eating foods that only provide pleasure.

When I was 19 years old, I had completely stopped eating most of the foods I grew up around. White rice, meat, fast food, artificial salt, packaged seasoning, juice, soda…. I let it all go. I went from getting out of bed at noon feeling sluggish, to waking up at 8am feeling more alive than ever before. I still consumed some of those things occasionally, but it was no longer a daily routine. After beginning my yoga practice and eating healthier, I lost nearly 20 pounds. What I experienced was a rebirth. A mind, body and soul awakening.

I was made fun of by my family and old friends. They called me anorexic and said that I looked better when I was thicker. They were so stuck on who I was, that they couldn’t see my growth as growth. I was viewed as a weirdo for a long period of time. However, I never allowed that to phase me. I understood that I couldn’t judge them for not having the level of awareness that I had. I needed to forgive them and love them regardless. 

In 2016, I slowly began to let go. I disconnected from my health once again. I lost the drive and spark for healthy eating and all that did was cause more bad habits. Yes, I still ate healthy, but not enough to balance out the garbage I had began consuming again. I wanted to change, I wanted to go back to the awakening I had in the beginning of my journey. I knew that in order to reach the level of spirituality that I wanted to reach, I needed to control my diet.

I set a goal for 2017 to be more health conscious and give my body more nurturing foods. One month into the new year and I completely let go of dairy. I was exposed to the truth about the dairy industry and was absolutely mind blown! It’s been about 3 weeks of eating healthy and being dairy free and I can honestly say I feel UNSTOPPABLE. The desire I had for those unhealthy foods is completely gone. I’ve been riding this powerful, productive wave and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for where I am in life right now. My spiritual encounters are more frequent and I can feel my mental clarity expanding.



The foods you eat can either give you life or deplete it. At some point in time, we ate food for energy and now most people eat and fall asleep. The complete opposite of what should be happening is happening… You don’t have to alter your diet if you aren’t ready but trust me when I say that the discipline required to do so, can truly change your life. My partner has always told me, if your way of thinking and acting has changed since you were a teenager, then why hasn’t your diet? Here’s a powerful idea to ponder on. 

How do the foods you eat make you feel? Your body is constantly sending you signals and it will tell you when something isn’t right. Being bloated, gassy or sleepy after eating, are all signs that something is off balance. Listen to your body. Honor this physical tool where your soul resides. Bring more quality into your life through the foods that you eat. It will feel like a mission at first. You will come across bumpy roads, but nothing will be more fulfilling than the purity you soak in after.



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