Ubiquitous Love

“I love you not because of the things that you do for me, but for being who you are. Your being is enough for me to love.”

This idea resonated with me one afternoon… There are so many ways to dive deeper into Love. So many ways to dive deep into gratitude, happiness, well-being and kindness. The journey is infinite. Through effort, we can possess these rich qualities and expand them through our experiences. Through intention, profound connection can be gained. Accept and release all that you resist. Love is always present. Love is always a choice. Be mindful in this moment and choose love.

Love is a verb.

Love is a state of being.

A commitment.

A constant effortless effort.

Don’t love with expectation. Love with understanding. Love without needing to change anything. Love without judgement. Love holistically.

How deep is your Love?

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