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A Sacred Space 𓆃

Cici Rituals are a way of living

Organic herbal infused products + vintage home decor to cultivate sacred space & sacred healing. Living soulful + spiritual lives is key & it begins in our most intimate spaces.

Herbal Alchemy & Divine Femininity

Beautiful Living As Ritual


Clean skin care + womb care & herbal tea blends to awaken your divinity.

Cici Rituals is a lifestyle consisting of elevation and integration, naturally tapping into your inner God/Goddess.

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A medicinal, herbal infused skincare line - designed to nourish, heal & energize normal / dry skin.

100% natural, organic, vegan & cruelty free.


Skincare Reviews

I am so blessed to have CiaraWonder in my skincare routine! I’ve always had fairly dry skin, but both of these products make me glow in the best way. The oil leaves my face nourished and the body butter keeps me smooth for days - even after swimming in a chlorine pool! I can’t wait to get more on her next release. Thank you, Ciara! You’re truly a goddess.


My skin has never felt more alive! A lil bit goes a long way, literally melts against your body so smoothly. You truly feel your inner, divine feminine coming thru when you’re applying this buttah!

Steffani Chavez

My skin feels so soft and hydrated. I have really dry skin and I’m so grateful for this product, it helps so much! My skin is happy and glowing.

Talia Diaz